Absorbent pads for spills

Absorbent pads for spills Absorbent pads for spills are specialized pads designed to quickly and effectively absorb liquids from spills. They are commonly used in industries such as cleaning, automotive, and medical to contain and clean up spills of various fluids. These pads are made from a variety of materials such as polypropylene, cotton, or


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What is Absorbent Pad?

What is Absorbent Pad?Absorbent pads come both individually (sold by the case) and in rolls. Supplied in large quantities, absorbent pads are geared toward all-purpose use — for wiping up or absorbing small leaks, placement in spill kits, and even to reduce slip and fall dangers. Spill Absorbent Pad Spill absorbent pads are designed for cleaning up Chemical spill


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Spill Kit Supplier in Malaysia

Chemical Spill Kit Paco is spill kit supplier in Malaysia. They are supplying high quality spill kit at low price.  Paco has been operating in Malaysia since 1986 years until now. They have many customers in Selangor, Melaka, Seremban, Johor, Penang, Ipoh, Perak, Kelantan, Kedah, whole Malaysia The spill kit consist of universal spill kit, chemical spill


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