Why we need a Spill Kit?

Spill Kit is an important part of any DOSH risk assessment to have an efficient emergency response plan. This will detail what should be done in the event of an accident, including leaks and spillages, involving any hazardous substances. Spill kits enable you to efficiently clean the spill or leak in the safest way possible.

Dealing with these incidents quickly and effectively will protect workers, premises and the wider environment from harm. Spills can pose a deadly threat in the workplace; not only can spills create a slipping hazard, but they can also be harmful to breathe in or come into contact with.

Spill kits are used in a variety of different workplaces and industries. These include:

  • Warehouses.
  • Workshops.
  • Auto repair and maintenance garages and workshops.
  • Laboratories.
  • Hospitals, clinics, ambulances and other medical and care establishments.
  • Emergency services such as police and fire service.
  • Commercial kitchens and restaurants.
  • Transport companies.
  • Oil, gas and mining sectors.
  • The armed forces.
  • Manufacturers.
  • Construction.
  • Farms.
  • Shipping, docks and marinas.
  • Local councils and public sector amenities.

Anyone working with hazardous substances will be likely to need a spill kit; for example, fluids are required to create products, lubricate machines, cool parts and to perform a variety of other tasks in a variety of workplaces. It is inevitable that spills will happen, but with effective preparation and the correct equipment they can be controlled and costly accidents can be avoided.

The purpose of a spill kit is to contain and clean up a spill as quickly and efficiently as possible; this is not only for the safety of workers and others but also for the protection of the environment.

The most beneficial component of a spill kit is that they are pre-packaged with all the materials that will be needed in the spill clean-up procedure as identified in the risk assessment.

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